Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MIA and back.

Hello everyone,raining day today.Finally i am back into this blog of mine after MIA for so many months. Sorry guys that been following me.I work in a new company by tomorrow will be my 1 full year in the company. I never thought that I would stay so long in this company. Missing for so many months and there are so many stuff to updates start from my work...

I left the insurance job last year April because I really think I do not have the passion on this but i do learn something from this hard cold job that is being more understanding on service line people doing their job. It is not so easy for you to convince people to but from you.I never regret of joining the line although there are good and bad experiences but everything are behind me now. Then I found this travel agency job when i was working at the Matta fair last year so fast another Matta fair just passed the other week. Yeah I went back there as a visitor this time...kinda fun when you see people working and you go there as visitor and try to test out the agents whether they really know what they are selling. :) Guys you did a very very good job!

Second updates will be my status. I am officially engaged to my boyfriend of four years. Well, sometimes I still thought that I am single.LOL...just forgotten about it.We registered at Putrajaya on 13th Feb it is a small event accompany by my mum and his family.The ambiance there is really sweet and merry cos all the people are really putting effort for the event. Most are with flowers and white dress...as for me i am kinda not prepare for it...I just wear a dress that I bought in Pataya and a bouquet flowers that I bought from Miss Fiore. A bouquet of Gerbera daisies.So far I am very satisfy with my engagement. Now will be busy preparing for my wedding receptions which will be hold on Oct.So far from flowers to arrangement activities are as what I planned in the first place I really thank GOD for that without His guidance impossible I will go thru this...

 I will try my best to maintain this blog from now on.Oh yes! I also move into a new rented place and over there is a fun place to stay in, why I said so? All cos the people that staying in there.I got altogether 12 housemates (OMG!!) but two different units at the single terrace house.My side have only 5 people from Thailand, Vietnam,myself, a Malay lady and an Indian lady...welcome to the Asean group. (hahaha) I have started to share my dinner with my other housemates and end up having home cooked meals every night wow feel so lucky.They cooked their country food and I am the cook that need guidance...others are good cook and I learn to eat new vegetables and new menu in my list.Next time I will snap some photos to show you guys what I mean about. I love to eat the Vietnamese salted fish...( it is not salty one) then kampung grown banana called "crocs finger" look weird but it tasted sweet and smell very nice too...Both of my housemates think i am very sua ku(mountain tortoise) because never taste such delicacies err...which I admit i am that tortoise lo...I have been staying there for almost 3 months now and enjoy every bits of it.

Oh guys, I need to pen off now cos my boss is back now...LOL...so take care and GOD Bless ya!


Friday, January 27, 2012

TGIF...end with bad news

TGIF should be a great day to those who work 5 days week...I been sick since before the CNY 2012. I am glad I am still alive to enjoy today because to someone might not able to enjoy today anymore. I got a new about a relative of my fiancee passed away due to some illness.I was shocked when I heard the news from the phone when my fiancee told me he already passed away I was like blanked for a second.
I hope the family members are already prepared for this as for me I thought I have prepare for the news but after 20 mins...tears roll down the cheeks.Why? Being emotional maybe but everytime someone I know passed away my reaction will slow down at least few minutes because I really cannot accept the fact that he is gone just like my own brother who passed away a year ago.In my life I been through alot of deaths of the loved one and each death of the loved one makes me a stronger person and appreciates people around me.I have been prayed for him for some times but until the end, GOD still decided to call him Home.May he rest in Peace.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Outing with my Bf.

Today my bf and I went to Seoul Garden to have our brunch. The cashier there really friendly and we went in and pay first before eat. Hahaha.This is a pretty new res

This will be the pot we use for us to cook and taurant cos last time it was hiding behind the alley and not finally got a better location.

have steamboat at the same time...BBQ and steamboat at the same time. We had a few stuff as below. The szechuan spicy beef really yummy. We also have the lala and clams...but have to be pretty careful cos got some mud in it...not really clean lo...that is the sad part only. :)In the middle of the hot plate is pot of soup and we choose Chicken Ginseng..

This is the appetizer that they serve. I choose kimchi and cold cucumber...at first the kimchi look weird...but still take the risk to take some...and not bad...quite nice...I like it alot but my bf seem not really life the ambient there cos it is stuffy and the tables from each other are very near...therefore many couples eating there but most of them just eat and eat and eat not much talking cos not really a great place to date i assume. Hahaha...first date is a No No for you guys out there unless your guy or gal do not mind abt the stuffiness and people may listening to your lovey dovey conversation.

These are cute fried bun, nice wonton and dry fried mee...all those fried stuff. There also have fried rice and also leng chee kang...What i really enjoy was the not sweet soft drinks and also yummy ice creams...with little little chocolate chips melts in your mouth...really really sweet feeling.

The seafood being served there...most are chickens and then beef,seafood and also veges.As i said before I enjoy the beef only...The prawns that used are those when it is cooked it just turn light orange colour prawn...not the deep ocean prawns.Still acceptable lo.

Well, we just spend about an hour and half in there cos it is too hot after many people visit there. I do enjoy eating there and hope in future I can have some lady's outing and can eat there...:D Sure will be fun...and gals please do not put too much make up or else all melts not my problems are...so guys here are the story for today...Hope u like it and will improve it more next time...May GOD Bless U all...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am at peace.

This morning I wake up headache,heavy head and moody. I been struggling with my job.I still want to continue with it although already 3 months no sales. I just do not like people push me.I have being push.

I attended a Chinese cellgroup from my chinese session group. I been joining them a few times and I enjoy all the members sharing and warm welcome. They are sweet and nice people. I feel happy when I am able to meet them and also Pastor.:D I have not attending church for the past few weeks due to transport and lazy I guess...I just have many excuses to myself lately.In fact i had no idea what is going on me.I checked with my sis in KK and she said alot people still struggle after being baptism. Wow...i never know that but now experince it...fall down hurt my knee.Anyway now I am fine.I just have tough time with my job that is all.

God did response to my constant begging which after 6 months joining this insurance job i did not search for new job.Burn the bridge as what my manager told me...yeah to me it is a bad advise. When my saving is getting lower and lower it will force me to find some other job to sustain my life.I got rent to bear, pets to takecare ,internet to afford and food and transports.I cannot just depend all on my saving...sooner or later it will also gone...So i went to search for a part time job and fortunately I found it...and now i am taking training and hope that i can pass it and then able to do the job. It is a part time job only...kinda fun too...LOL...I will tell more about it when I sucessfully pass the training.I thank GOD that he listening to my cries for help.

Tonight I feel much more peace in my heart and even meditation also not a problem with me. Last time I try to meditate and it always makes my heart pounding and my mind will think alot of stuffs....but tonight all i see is just a blank pitch dark in my mind.Then we sang worship songs...and in sudden I feel a heavy force on me and I nearly lost my balance luckily still can stand still...hahaha it is really surprise me. I did ask my housemate and she told me Holy Spirit come upon me. :) After tat my heart feel so touched and tears rolled out non stop. Hahaha...Praise the Lord this is small small miracle that you can feel when we are close to Him...He never leave us all alone in the dark He will just stand beside you and see what you want to do next? Afterall everything also He have planned for us before we are born.We talked abt depression and emotional problems on certain group of ppl that need consultants. It remind me of one my my relative which I really hope she finally can find peace now...It choke me when I heard this sharing.We felt the hurt and pain her family go through but for her it might be a relief...so I hope now she is in a better place. May God bless her soul...

This is first time I felt Holy Spirit upon me...each time i just heard my housemate told me about the feeling of fainting when being touched by pastor...but now I know the feeling and if fact i find it really special.LOL.So silly of me but I am glad that I can feel this...When I share my testimonial about GOD i just cant stop talking about Him. Well, people too bad I can continue cos now already 1am...I still need to go to work so therefore I will write more other stuff tomorrow. You all takecare and have a great week ahead! May GOD Bless U~~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The 4 months dissapearance...

Hello everyone that still following my blog.It have been a long time I do not write in here and I realise that many of my followers are leaving me...LOL...yeah that is why I still can laughs cos i really cannot blame them ma...There are alot of things happening to me lately.

6months I been joining my insurance job and first two months still ok ok at least i manage to get on the stage and share my feeling of being top sales in the company...but slowly slowly my passion drops...and which i also not sure abt that.I am still hanging on also because I love my clients and they are the one who supported me since the first day i appraoached them I can never forget that.Thank you to all ur support and trust towards me. I am here to help and not to benefits...Many people misunderstand thought that doing insurance earns alot...well, yes they do earn alot when then put alot of efforts in it.The pain and hurt we all been through which no one can imagine...it is a challenging job it can be fun too...when you talking to nice person and someone who really want to know more about it.It is a great talk.

Since I join this job my characters have change my feeling have change and my life have change.Many people asked me why you choose this job...I choose this because I feel it's time for me to go out there and help people to know what is the important of insurance then they just thought that it is waste of money having one.Still there are alot of people do not want that opportunity.They tend to run, avoid and even reject the chance to get to know more...I do not understand why this happen...yeah I know lack of trust....(silly u who do u think u are Chubbyangel?)

I been busy trying to get sales for the past few month and to my dissapointed I dun have any and even get nag by my boss...LOL luckily i talked to some friends from the same line and she have help me alot on this...really appreciates it.:D
Alright let me put some nice photos for u guys to see as I made some new stuff at home and no chance to share with u all yet.
This is the lastest stuff i made...steamed banana cake..yummy.

my trophies for top sales :)

My handmade crochet mobile phone case...but too bad...lost it.
These are the few things that sometimes when stress with my job i find comfort doing all these cooking and crocheting. :D I will put more photos next time so i need to get back to work now...so guys wish me luck and will write more next time...:D tata for now...May GOD Bless U all~~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Happy and Sad moment in a day.

A day that surprises me alot...It's been a busy week for me since i started my Insurance business. So far I already have 5 cases in merely 3 weeks at the job.Well, today I am kinda blur blur as in sudden one of the client called up and ask me to collect the premium from her so visit her and back to my office to filling in the form..I hate those forms...it just sucks!!!Papers everywhere....headache only.This is the first time finally I have the time to sit down and write something.
Then after that I still got time before going to another activities in my company. Then I suppose to give 30 cold calls everyday but I am fear of rejections and scare ppl not free and all kind of excuses.Then finally I decided to call my friend's list and choose la...and finally got one and I called up and the person was friendly and surprisingly he granted me an appointment but the main problem is he is in Shah Alam....:( I not familiar those place and definately he is a stranger so coincidence that my manager is not in town...so now i am starting worry that if I postpone might affect his impression on me.Well, there at least got 5 cases....Haiz...pray to GOD then. I really thank GOD for being so nice to me...the previous 5 cases all are came by themselve...hahahaha all are my friends but just the right time as they are looking for insurance plan and I just right in time drop by and they straight away agree to make me as their servicing agent.Thank GOD for helping me and guide me on all matters in my life.
Today was on training till 9.30pm and when took bus home something happen...which nearly make me want to cry.Actually it is not really a serious matter to some ppl but to me it is serious.I saw a woman with a boy around 7-8 yrs old...came up to the bus and I saw no one wants to give them a seat so I stand up and told that woman in mandarin and ask her to sit. I know she is not local she seem like chinese but tanned so maybe some where else. It does not matter. So I was thinking wat she do here with a boy at night like this and eventually I started to pray for them...I dunno why I just feel happy when I prayed for ppl.Then she rang the bell and the bus stop so the kid went down the bus first and then in sudden the bus door closed and the kid hand was stuck at the door and the woman was shocked and shout and then bus stopped. Everyone was panic and the driver open the door and luckily the kid hand is not broken and thank GOD that there is a guy nearby grab the boy so that he dun fall down or being dragged by the big bus...My heart was so sad when I see like tat because that woman dunno how to speak any local language so she cant even say help..pity her...but i am happy that the boy is safe hope that the boy will able to calm down and be active again. As for him is a tragedy can trauma him...I been thinking about the incident since then. Anyway it is a new day now...it's 1.10am now...hahaha so I just hope everything will be fine with the woman and boy and also the young man that helped them...GOD Bless you all...:)
So guys will write more next time you all takecare and I gotta sleep now....Muck!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Start to get a busy life.

Today is a very hot day indeed even my room can feel the heat. It is like BBQ in my room...:( I will be starting to get busy soon.I just started to learn how to sell Insurance for the couple of weeks and seem always forget the method.Last time selling insurance was a very tough job from begging until the "bed story" but i find out that now the Insurance industry in fact a very good job because beside u are doing business u also help much more ppl out there.I find it really a great thing to do.In the begining i choose this industry cos I was desperate but now after go thru all the exams, meeting ppl in the office and all the others newcomers I find that it is totally different environment from the office that I work before.I learn to be positive in everything i do right now except some negative jokes that still got ppl misunderstand it...cant help it ppl always dun like the negative words...
I am doing some knitting at the moment while writing this blog.I never understand why some parents can be negative and always scare this and scare that and then object everything the child want to do.In fact my mum do not know I am doing insurance even she know i already passed my exams. The other day was a sad day for me.At first I was very happy cos I am able to passed both exams because I saw many ppl failed the papers...I am proud of myself indeed...so tot telling my mum so that she can share the news but unfortunately when I told her she not only did not congratulate me but scholding me instead...I am stunned.She said why i dun go and find a stable job instead of doing this?Maybe she really do not understand why i choose this job. The reason I choose this job also because of her. I want to spend more time with her and if I work in an office job or call centre job I being tied up and i cant go anywhere at all.After I passed my exam I told my boss I am going to sabah for Qing Ming and he said no problem when u back here remember to report urself for the job. If i work in call centre or office do u think u can just fly anytime you want and your boss still let u go?I been working for almost 9 years and I know how a boss will treat you when u taking too much holidays...
I been wondering does Insurance industry is not a good field to go into?If it is so bad why been so many ppl get into this line now?I did ask around and I got some good results so i do not see anything wrong with me choosing this field. That is why i want to give a try.Afterall I been jobless for a year now and I am lazy to find an office job main reason is we are still working for ppl...as Insurance we are working for ourselve and as well as helping others.Hmm...well guys i need to pen off now...so will write again very soon. Tomolo will attend a Roadshow by my company so have to wake up early...hahaha so de sad...so GOD BLESS U GUYS!!!