Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MIA and back.

Hello everyone,raining day today.Finally i am back into this blog of mine after MIA for so many months. Sorry guys that been following me.I work in a new company by tomorrow will be my 1 full year in the company. I never thought that I would stay so long in this company. Missing for so many months and there are so many stuff to updates start from my work...

I left the insurance job last year April because I really think I do not have the passion on this but i do learn something from this hard cold job that is being more understanding on service line people doing their job. It is not so easy for you to convince people to but from you.I never regret of joining the line although there are good and bad experiences but everything are behind me now. Then I found this travel agency job when i was working at the Matta fair last year so fast another Matta fair just passed the other week. Yeah I went back there as a visitor this time...kinda fun when you see people working and you go there as visitor and try to test out the agents whether they really know what they are selling. :) Guys you did a very very good job!

Second updates will be my status. I am officially engaged to my boyfriend of four years. Well, sometimes I still thought that I am single.LOL...just forgotten about it.We registered at Putrajaya on 13th Feb it is a small event accompany by my mum and his family.The ambiance there is really sweet and merry cos all the people are really putting effort for the event. Most are with flowers and white dress...as for me i am kinda not prepare for it...I just wear a dress that I bought in Pataya and a bouquet flowers that I bought from Miss Fiore. A bouquet of Gerbera daisies.So far I am very satisfy with my engagement. Now will be busy preparing for my wedding receptions which will be hold on Oct.So far from flowers to arrangement activities are as what I planned in the first place I really thank GOD for that without His guidance impossible I will go thru this...

 I will try my best to maintain this blog from now on.Oh yes! I also move into a new rented place and over there is a fun place to stay in, why I said so? All cos the people that staying in there.I got altogether 12 housemates (OMG!!) but two different units at the single terrace house.My side have only 5 people from Thailand, Vietnam,myself, a Malay lady and an Indian lady...welcome to the Asean group. (hahaha) I have started to share my dinner with my other housemates and end up having home cooked meals every night wow feel so lucky.They cooked their country food and I am the cook that need guidance...others are good cook and I learn to eat new vegetables and new menu in my list.Next time I will snap some photos to show you guys what I mean about. I love to eat the Vietnamese salted fish...( it is not salty one) then kampung grown banana called "crocs finger" look weird but it tasted sweet and smell very nice too...Both of my housemates think i am very sua ku(mountain tortoise) because never taste such delicacies err...which I admit i am that tortoise lo...I have been staying there for almost 3 months now and enjoy every bits of it.

Oh guys, I need to pen off now cos my boss is back now...LOL...so take care and GOD Bless ya!


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